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Tom Laramee
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March 1st, 2021
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I Went Hiking In the Snow With My Kids Recently

I recently read that as of this past Friday evening (Feb 26th, 2021), "Snoqualmie Pass has picked up an incredible 396 inches (33 feet) of snow so far this season." We went out to the summit this weekend and hiked in the snow (or tried to anyways). The following photo is as close I can get to being able to articulate what 33' of snow looks like:

These Snow Banks Are Incredibly Steep

That photo was taken on a small bridge over that creek, and while it's difficult to gage without anything for scale, that snow wall directly to my right is approx 35'-40' high.

Also difficult to gage due to perspective: this is looking straight down from the bridge:

If I Fell Down Here I'm Not Sure How To Get Out

There were sinkholes along the trail that went straight down to water where I thought "If one of my kids falls down into one of those, I have no idea how I'm going to get them out".

The same creek from the bank:

An Insane Amount of Snow

We couldn't get super far due to the trail conditions, but did see a couple of lovely views:

View Across The Commonwealth Creek Basin

And of course these two clowns had a lot of fun. We hiked up and then they sledded down.

Alina Having a Blast
Delphine Getting In On the Fun