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(I Play Music)

Below is a list of some songs I've written and recorded over the years. It's largely in order of "most recent first", but it's really just songs I listen to from time to time. Below the playlist is a discography with download links for all of these songs and some additional ones. Where you hear female vocals, that's Andrea Wittgens (indicated by "aw" below), and where you hear cello, that's Walter Gray ("wg" below) of the Seattle Symphony. Almost every song was recorded at One Shot Studio,

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Here's the set of both released and unreleased music. It was recorded between 2004 and this year, with a break in the middle to focus on my family and my job. I hope to continue recording later this year and well into the next.

Seven Shades of Time (2007)
Easily my best CD, Seven Shades of Time is easy to listen to and has some songs that I could envision being played on the radio. If you only listen to one CD, this is the one.
Track List
1: Tumble Around
2: Alright In Time (aw)
3: Over All of Your Heads
4: Find the Words (aw)
5: Trading Time (wg)
6: The Boxes Song
7: Desire (aw,wg)
(Working) (2022)
These are songs that I'm currently working on or have recently finished. I hope to put together enough songs for a new CD someday.
Track List
1: All That Time (An American Story)
2: Covered In You
3: We Don't Live There Anymore
The Undertow Beneath Us (2009)
This CD (#4) was never released. I have no good reason to explain why this is so. There are some great songs on here, and it's fairly polished from a recording standpoint. It just needs a cover.
Track List
1: The Undertow That Moves Beneath Us All The Time (aw,wg)
2: We've Been Waiting
3: Missing Pieces (aw)
4: Let's Go Dancing
5: Picture Frame (wg)
6: Michael Jordan's Son
7: The Metaphor Song
8: Open Armed
9: Right Before My Eyes
10: Again
(unreleased) (2009)
There are a handful of songs that I've never released. Some were recorded at a proper studio, a couple were recorded at home. For one reason or another, they never made it onto a CD.
Track List
1: We Don't Live There Anymore (One Shot Studio)
2: We Don't Live There Anymore (home recording)
3: Picture Frame (home recording)
4: Rulemaker (One Shot Studio) (wg)
5: I Only See You In My Dreams (One Shot Studio)
Woke Up Today (2006)
This CD is a little rough. It was my first full-band CD and I was still learning how to do everything (singing, writing, and recording). I think it has some great songs on it but it's definitely not for everyone.
Track List
1: Slipsteam
2: Woke Up Today
3: Razor Wire
4: Never Before
5: Hold Out My Hands
6: Louder Than Words
7: Tethered To the Ground
8: Working It All Out
9: Happier Then
10: Perfect
Following Behind (2004)
My very first CD is all solo acoustic. I think it was a decent first effort but I really look at at like "You can't take the second step if you don't take the first", if that makes sense.
Track List
1: Never Before
2: Every Day
3: Words
4: Working It All Out
5: Inside
6: Waking up
7: Rulemaker
8: Who We Are
9: Don't Speak Out Loud
10: Following Behind