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Tom Laramee
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August 10th, 2022
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Mount Pilchuck Photos: Annotated

At the summit of Mount Pilchuck is a fire lookout, and inside of the lookout is a set of placards that help hikers to identify key landmarks in the surroundings. On a clear day, visibility is over 100 miles (and can be as high as 150 miles if you're really lucky).

I took a handful of the photos from my hike from two days ago and annotated them to show the landmarks. I got pretty lucky: visibility was over 100 miles, give or take, and was a bit hazy in places due to suspected wildfire smoke.

For context, here are some of the distances of mountains and Puget Sound from the summit of Pilchuck:

I'll begin with the view of Puget Sound (which is generally difficult to get in the Cascades unless you're on a mountain on the western edge, or you're up high enough and there are no other mountains obstructing your view), and walk around some of the most compelling views.

Note: all images are clickable for higher-rez versions.

Facing West: Towards Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula
Facing East: Whitechuck to Glacier Peak to Sperry and Vesper
Facing Northeast: Three Fingers to Mt Pugh
Facing North: Three Fingers, Shuksan, and Eldorado
Facing North: Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan
Facing Southeast: Gunn Peak, Mt Stickney and a Beautiful River Valley
Facing Southeast: Mt Index, Mt Press
Facing South: Mt Rainier (Mt St Helens Was Obscured by Wildfire Smoke, But Rest Assured: It's Right There)