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Tom Laramee
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April 22nd, 2021
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Waterfall Photos Near Loch Katrine

I was out exploring an area for potential hiking opportunities and ended up getting very, very lost. Check this out (red = my hike, green = the actual trail):

Red Shows My Actual Route / Green Shows Where I Should Have Gone

Since I didn't think I was going to hike, I only brought a fairly minimalist description, which I typed in from a physical book. This is the description that I brought with me:

At 2.9 miles, at a large hairpin turn, instead of switchbacking up the logging road, continue straight ahead into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Once you're in the trees, a boot path is readily apparent, dropping slightly toward the lakeshore. Within a few moments, reach Lake Katrine.

You can see that I did continue straight at a large, hairpin turn in the logging road, and, according to my GPS, I was around the 2.9 mile mark. The "trail" also did enter the forest, and it did drop a little.

Turns out, that was the turn-before-the-turn for me to go straight. So I ended up on the west side of the ridge, hopelessly not anywhere near the lake. Also: following what in hindsight isn't a trail at all, but since it was under ~4 feet of snow, I couldn't really tell.

And of course there was no one around to ask.

There were tracks of a single deer, in the snow, which was not all that helpful.

(And I was in sneakers, which complicated things a bit)

And in hindsight, the trail was hopelessly steep in parts. You can get a sense of this from the map. I was walking where the steep slope met the snowline, to keep from stepping waist-deep in snow.


In looking at the map, you can see where the red line touches the outlet creek from the lake. That's where I ventured into the trees to discover this beautiful waterfall:

There are four photos. Clickable on desktop for high resolution versions.

This was a nice surprise, in an area that's otherwise difficult to abide in (lots of clearcutting / not a whole lot of re-planting).

I also grabbed a couple of short videos:

(they should download when you click the link)