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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
September 15th, 2020
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As Part of the Black Lives Matter Effort, I Made Two Decisions To Try To Help

These were mostly predicated on the fact that, if you support this worthy & just cause, the best way to show this is to try to help someone in a tangible and/or meaningful way.

The two things were:

  1. I bought a few thousand dollars worth of new maternity supplies and delivered them to Global Perinatal Services. GPS is a local organization that provides support for new mothers (and by extension to new families) for refugee and immigrant women in the Seattle area. These services include antenatal and postpartum support, as well as birth services.
    For the supplies, think: diapers, wipes, A&D, lanolin, Desitin, baby bottles, infant thermometers, pacifiers, etc.
  2. I sponsored an East African woman to go through birth doula training in order to expand the capacity of this service at local hospitals. She's Kenyan and speaks Swahili, and having a birth doula can be a life-saver in a country that has such poor birth outcomes for minority women. The hope here is that she can help a lot lot of families over the next few years (I look at this one as a sort of investment).

If you'd like to help (or are unsure how to help), consider a donation to Global Perinatal Services (GPS) or East African Community Services (EACS), both here in King County, both run by extremely competent, motivated, and wonderful executive directors (Faisa & Munira):

Global Perinatal Services
East African Community Services