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Tom Laramee
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December 12th, 2020
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What's Up With All of This Anti-mask/Anti-vaccine Propaganda?

I've been seeking a satisfying answer to the question "What's up with all of this anti-mask/anti-vaccine propaganda?", and have finally found one.

("It's insane" was as far as i got for a long time.)

So, it's pretty clear to me that the anti-mask "movement" is a self-fulfilling prophecy towards progressively more intrusive and more burdensome government interference in people's lives (which also makes it an irony, given the anti-mask "movement" is an anti-government-overreach protest at it's core).

It works like so:

  1. A state issues a reasonable, not-particularly-intrusive/not-particularly-burdensome control: "please wear masks when in crowded public places, like when shopping, and socially distance".
  2. Approx. half of the citizens refuse... "The gov't can't tell me what to do / what about my freedom"
  3. As a result, the covid transmission rate goes up, to the point where hospitals begin to reach capacity and morgues begin to overflow.
  4. The state then issues a more intrusive/more burdensome request: "please wear masks when you're not in your own house, and no groups bigger than ten people, also, keep social distancing".
  5. The same approximate half of the citizens refuse... "The gov't can't tell me what to do / bunch of fascists".
  6. As a result, the state then issues the most intrusive/most burdensome controls: "We're shutting the state down"
See the Prophecy?

See the self-fulfilling part of this? One could reasonably argue that shutting a state down is really, really unfair to the people who live there, and will result in many small businesses closing, but in the end, if people won't even comply with the very basic, least intrusive guidance, the result may be the sledgehammer approach.

This is all made particularly difficult because when an anti-masker ends up in the ICU with COVID, and needs a ventilator (all compliments of the taxpayer), they certainly not to refuse one .. it'll be the same sad old song and dance "socialism is only bad when it benefits other people, but it's perfectly acceptable when i'm the one drinking from the spigot".

(In other words: anti-maskers will seek help from the state, having taken literally *zero* personal responsibility).

I've been wondering a lot if that's why anti-mask / anti-vaccine propaganda is designed the way it is. If it's designed to achieve a specific outcome. Assuming it's well thought out (and that the thinking goes all the way to some kind of logical conclusion), then it's possible this propaganda is designed to incite civil unrest, via civil disobedience. The more onerous the gov't overreach, the more likely a certain % of people turn to violence.

Check this out: these are excerpts from a Daily Beast article, which i'll include a link to further below:

"The channel [Corona Chan News (CCN)] is open and explicit about its aim, and about the fact that it doesn’t necessarily want to bring anti-vaxxers into the neo-Nazi fold, just push them into ugly conflict with authorities that white nationalists can exploit. It’s also very clear about the fact that this scheme is just a part of a wider conviction, shared by many far-right groups, that the coming months are going to be a shitshow of pain and unrest in America, and that they must milk that misery for all it’s worth."
“It’s a win that we’re not the only ones hurting,” this winter, CCN said in a recent post. “All the normal Whites are being brought down to our level of disenfranchisement.”
“We must further radicalize the anti vaccine [sic] movement,” another post read. “They have the potential for extremism against the system.... Encourage militancy. The racial angle can be used or it can be avoided for wider reach. Propaganda memes will be essential for this effort.”
“Our efforts must be focused on discouraging as many people (only Whites) from taking [the vaccine] as possible,” read another. “This will force the system’s hand to escalate. Rebellion will grow in response to their clampdown on anti vaxxers [sic] and this works in our favor.”

It's fascinating to think that the folks who are hanging from the rooftops shouting "Masks Don't Work!! (Sheeple!)" and "The COVID Vaccine Will Implant a Bill Gates Designed Microchip in Your Brain [you ignorant, blind, unwashed fools who are dumb enough to read The Lamestream Media]" and "The Virus Is a Hoax!!!" are the ones actually being manipulated by propaganda.

BTW: I consider the "new" anti-vax propaganda v2.0. It's not the same "vaccinations cause autism" from anti-vax propaganda v1.0.

Anyways, this is why we can't have nice things. (Because nothing written on the Internet means anything anymore).

And what's sad is that all of this nonsense could be avoided if people stopped thinking of themselves and thought about the people around them... how it's okay to look out for the people around you.

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