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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
January 19th, 2022
Word Count:
707 (5:00 read time)

We've Reached the Halfway Point for the Homeschool Academic Year

Now that we're just past the halfway point of a year of homeschooling, I have some thoughts to share, some of which will be cliche and [hopefully] some will be novel.

I did teach as both an undergrad and while I was in graduate school. As an undergrad, I taught computer programming and thermodynamics. As a graduate student, I taught programming, and networking (mostly simulation of event-driven network protocols). I think this experience is relevant here, as I had a chance to observe both the ebb & flow of student abilities at a university, but also the chance to teach some pretty challenging subjects (which meant trying to find a way to explain certain topics that were difficult to grasp [based on all of the previous ways they had been attempted to be explained]).

What I Think I've Learned Thus Far