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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
October 20th, 2018
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Mt Pugh Is An Incredibly Ambitious Hike

This is a photo, taken yesterday, from the top of Mt Pugh, which is part of the Cascade mountains here in Washington State. Note the mountain, just off-center to the left, that rises out of the clouds, in the distance.

Turns out, that's Mt Rainier, as viewed from the summit of Mt Pugh. I added a tiny red arrow to the horizon, which is pointed at Rainier (the image resolution on this one isn't as good as the image above).

Later on, it occurred to me that, Mt Rainier is wicked far away from Mt Pugh .. as it turns out, approx. 91 miles:

Note, this means line of sight visibility for 91 miles in WA State on 10/20/2018 .. needless to say, this occurs infrequently.

Here are some other photos of this absolutely stunning hike:

Looking North at the Top of Stujack Pass
West View at Stujack Pass
East Mountain View at Stujack Pass
A Slightly Better View of Rainier
This Was Near Where I Stopped Hiking. The Trail Gets Pretty Dangerous
Looking North Along the Razorback Trail at the Top
That's the Trail. It's Four Feet Wide With a Sheer Drop On Both Sides