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Tom Laramee
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April 25th, 2012
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A Quote From Al Russell That's Stayed With Me For Many Years

There's something about this quote that really resonates with me. I think it's that it lines up with Russell's teaching philosophy that some people become their most motivated when told something is too difficult to accomplish, or that it cannot be done. He's right. Many people would hear that and rise to the challenge. I think that's why his opening lecture for Theory and Design Of Mechanical Measurements was so intimidating... he was trying to suss out the students who would rise to the challenge.

"Laramee, when you go out to work in the world, you'll soon find out that nearly everybody has a god damn excuse. An excuse for why something can't be done (usually they'll tell you it's too hard) ... an excuse for why something is late, etc etc." He then paused, his glasses resting down on the way-lower part of his nose, and he fixed his gaze on me carefully and said: "Be that guy who never has an excuse, not for anything".
Al Russell (1936-2012), circa 1994, Amherst, Massachusetts.

"Dear Al: consider it done".