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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
June 2nd, 2021
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Here's One Fun Fact About My Daughter: She Loves Dogs

Here's kind of a fun one: my daughter Alina really loves dogs, and while we don't have our own dog, she's been able to pursue this interest in two significant ways. Here's one of them:

Our First Training Session With Guide Dogs For the Blind

She & I enrolled in a class with Guide Dogs for the Blind, and that's a photo of her working with Flynn, who, if i remember correctly, is five months old and is a guide dog in training.

And before I forget: Flynn is a very good boy! (Oh yes he is!)

We took an online class (via zoom of course) and will be attending a bunch of in-person training classes over the summer and into the fall.

The goal will be for her to become a certified puppy raiser... and perhaps we'll participate in the puppy-sitting program (we'll cross this bridge should we ever get to it).

The other significant way is she started her own dog-walking business:

"Hyper-local dog walking in the 98103/98107 area codes"

The local org we're working with did hit the PAUSE button for awhile last year, effectively shutting down. As a result, there were no puppies to be trained. They're ramping back up this summer and expect to be back to some kind of normalcy this fall.

In order for Alina to become certified, I also have to [become certified]. So the reason why there's only 1 photo of her is because I didn't have the opportunity to take any more photos because I was too busy being trained how to train a dog (Majorca).

(And yes, Majorca is a very good dog!)