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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
March 14th, 2014
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416 (3:00 read time)

Thoughts On the Irony of the Term: Cow Catcher

(A cow-catcher is not really not what that thing does)

I'm pretty sure that whoever named this had a fundamental misconception of what the word "catch" really means.

(It's actually kind of an ironic name i think)

The best example I can think of is a [baseball] catcher. This is a person who stands behind the plate and catches baseballs ... and by "catch" here I mean they actually take possession of the baseball in a glove (or try to).

Fly catcher, catch a cab, catch a cold, catch a fish... you get the idea.

Said another way: they control the thing, in this case, a baseball (or a fish) ... that or: they seek to control the thing by holding it in a glove (or with a hook).

catch (verb):
1. intercept and hold (something that has been thrown, propelled, or dropped).
2. capture (a person or animal that tries or would try to escape).

Cow-catchers seek to *not* take possession of the cows (thus the irony).

cow-catcher (noun):
1. a metal frame at the front of a locomotive for pushing aside cattle or other obstacles on the line.

See the difference?*

If there was a big metal basket on the front of the train that swept the cows up and carried them along w/ the train (at the front) ... well, that would be a cow-catcher. Or like, if there was a patch of sweet grass at the front of the train, and when the cows wandered over to eat it, a big net came down and swept them up and put them into some kind of cow-sized-terrarium, well, that would be a cow-catcher too.

... but not this.

It would be cool if the trains swept the cows up into a big basket and then let them out at the next station. If you had a little extra time on your hands you could go to the station and await the arrival of the next train, and cross your fingers that the cow-catcher was occupied.

Given the current [poor] state of TED talks, I should submit this as a proposed talk and see if I get selected. "TED : Ideas worth spreading".

Here's an idea worth spreading: What if cow 'catchers' {ff} actually caught cows?! Think about it for a minute: we'd not only end up with proper usage of the word 'catch' but also a lot of happy cows: cows riding trains even. It's my bold vision for a brave, new bovine world."


* it's bullshit is what it is (pun: unintended).