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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
May 5th, 2009
Word Count:
173 (2:00 read time)

This Is What the LBS Looked Like When It Was Shiny and New

LBS stands for "Little Black Scooter" and is a nickname coined by a friend of mine.

The irony being, it's not particularly "little", nor is it a "scooter". It is black ... I'll give him that. Top speed: approx 155mph.

I installed an aftermarket exhaust that made it sound like a jet plane taking off. It was a "Two-Brothers", and likely little more than an open pipe. I used to roll the motorcycle down the street at 5:30am when heading to work, to get it as close to a major arterial as I could, before starting it up.

And last but not least I put an Ohlins steering damper on it. It's not clear how much these help. From what I understand, they're not particularly well-suited to prevent resonant harmonic frequenct in the forks of the bike, from a physics/dynamics point of view.