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Tom Laramee
Date Published:
February 25th, 2022
Word Count:
150 (2:00 read time)

A Highly Scientific Chart Showing the [Profound Lack of] Availability of Adam's Natural Peanut Butter During the Pandemic

Those who know me well understand that I eat a fair amount of Adam's Natural Peanut Butter, which implies that if anyone is going to be negatively affected by and interruption in the availability of said peanut butter, it's probably me*.

I noticed that during at least two spikes in Covid, the availability of Adam's went to zero. Meaning: it disappeared from the shelves of all the grocery stores I could find, and it was even unable to be ordered from Amazon Fresh.

Why this is we may never know, but I created this helpful chart to help you understand what it is I'm trying to say: as you can see, there's a clear relationship between spikes in COVID cases and the availability of Adam's going to zero.

Needless to say, this is a supply chain interruption we just can't have.

(* How's it going, solipsist?)